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What Pad Should I Use with 3D ONE? | 3D Car Care Miami Blog

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One of our most frequently asked questions about 3D ONE is which pad is best if you want to get the most effective use of the product. While we would love to give you a single response, the answer is: it depends.

While it can adapt to pretty much any pad, you’ll want to change it up based on the desired effect you’re trying to achieve.

For instance, if you want to avoid creating a lot of heat we recommend our Dark Purple Cutting Pad. When you combine the glide with the ceramic abrasive technology, the friction will remove scratches without a lot of micro-marring.

You can then finish up with a Black Finishing Pad to get to the finished product much faster.

If you’re looking for heavy scratch removal and there’s a lot of clear left, you’ll want to use a Wool Cutting Pad (a trick for polishing products).

However, if there is not a lot of clear left, you DO NOT want to use a heavy cutting pad.

Our Light Purple Pads, either spider or non-spider, will get pretty much everything done in ONE step. You’ll see around 80% scratch removal, light micro-marring, and all the holograms out PLUS a great shine.

As far as the best overall pads for cutting and polishing, you’ll want to use a wool pad on a rotary or our Dark Purple Cutting pad, and microfiber pads on a Dual Action Polisher. The best part of using 3D ONE is that there is no petroleum or kerosene in it that will break down foam pads, meaning you will get a longer life out of the foam pad.

The bottom line is we suggest getting a wool pad, heavy cut pad, polishing pad, and finishing pad so with 3D ONE, all you must do is change the pad. You can find 3D ONE and all of these pads HERE online.

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