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Heavy Scratch Removal | 3D Car Care Miami Blog

Credit: 3dproducts.com

When scratches go deep enough that you can feel the scratch catching your finger nails then there is a little more sophistication and skill involved in the process to remove the scratch. Wet sanding will be involved in the preparation and a skilled detailer is highly recommended.

In the video, 3D demonstrates wet sanding along with 501 and 502 compound and polish to remove heavy scratches from this neglected car surface. It is a process more as wet sanding will be done first to scrape a layer of the top coat for the scratch to be removed – now this is the delicate process and have to be done by somebody who has the skill or have done this before.

The next two process will be just like applying your wax but is broken down into two steps.

First, wool is being used in the first cut.

Second, a foam pad will then be used to get that final glossy finish to remove the imperfection from using the wool pad.

Check out the video below!


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